Grace Means…Mercy

• July 7th, 2021

In this episode, we consider what God's mercy looks like and what it does for us.

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Grace Means…Godliness

• April 27th, 2021

Third in a series covering the book of 1 Peter.

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Grace Means…Salvation

• April 27th, 2021

Second in a series on 1 Peter. This message was given by Jonathan East on April 18, 2021

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Grace Means…

• April 27th, 2021

First in a series on the book of 1 Peter. In verses 1 and 2 of the first chapter, Peter introduces his subject - Grace.

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The Day of Visitation

• March 12th, 2021

A study of Mark chapter 11 and Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

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Samuel Anoints God’s Man

• November 21st, 2020

According to 1 Samuel 15:35, Samuel mourned for Saul, and God regretted that He had made Saul king.


It is hard to understand how God, who does not repent or change His mind (Numbers 23:19, 1 Samuel 15:29), can regret something. In other places, Scripture speaks of God’s regret. For example, Genesis 6:6 says:

Genesis 6:6 (NKJV) And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.


The rebellion, sin, and wickedness that the human race chose grieved the heart of God. God grieves over His fallen creatures.

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Samuel’s Heartbreak

• November 12th, 2020

1 Samuel 13 and 15 cover two incidents in the life of Saul that broke Samuel's heart.

In Saul, we see the ideal man for the job of king reveal that he was unfit for the task. Today, the two incidents that we will consider marked the trajectory of his reign. The first one is an unlawful sacrifice, and the second one is an occasion of incomplete obedience

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Only Fear the Lord 1 Samuel 12

• November 3rd, 2020

 We come to chapter twelve of 1 Samuel. Saul has been the king of Israel for a while, and now, the nation is gathered at Gilgal to hold a coronation. Samuel gave the speech at the event. His speech was also his farewell address as he stepped down. In this speech, he addresses the four reasons the people gave for wanting a king.

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A Leader for God’s People

• October 28th, 2020

A person can have it all and not be successful. Saul had everything going for him. How did he go wrong? A study of 1 Samuel 9-10

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The Crown and the Altar

• October 22nd, 2020

In this study of 1 Samuel 8, I ask the question, "Who rules my life?"

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